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Are busy schedules and the quick pace of the workweek leaves no spare time for you to relax? Even though we try hard to set aside time to unwind but to our disappointment there just never seems to be any time for such luxuries. Spending quality vacation is the only remedy that can assist you to escape from the monotony prevailing in your life. If you are thinking of holidays—look no further, travel to Greece--the birthplace of civilization. Cobblestone plakas, festive live music and historic ruins of Greece will surely exceed your expectation.

If you are planning a holiday to Greece, then you might be in search for comfortable accommodation? If yes, then welcome to Kriti Hotel, we offer you wide range of choices and unique selection of unique accommodation in the island of Crete. We proffer you the best vacation apartments in strategic location with all the amenities at yard distance so as to enable you to make most out of your vacation.

Widest assortment of apartments and accommodation in Crete for you to choose from and enrich your holiday experience exactly as desired by you!

The special facilities available at our hotel include a large swimming pool, bar, snack bar, breakfast room, TV room, internet facility and a large lobby. Sports facilities such as stadium, tennis court, etc are also available for those who would like to work out during their vacations.

We can also provide car and bikes on request. In case you need any information on beaches, sights, local boat itineraries you can contact our reception staff. Our professional will provide you all the information you need to spend a quality. For special discounts contact us right away!!

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