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Quality Assurance Policy

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It is hereby formally expressed that the Top Management of Kriti Hotel is totally committed to the development and implementation of a Management system according to the requirements of ISO9001 for the quality of services, ISO14001 for the environmental protection, OHSAS18001 for the health and safety of employees and visitors and ISO22000 for the safety of food and beverages served.

This Policy is communicated to all employees and all other parties involved in the activities of the Hotel such as suppliers, contractors, partners, customers as well as the general public

Actions taken by Kriti Hotel in terms of management aim to increase the esteem and confidence to the company as seen from employees, customers, shareholders, Authorities and the society in general and in terms of quality aim to exceed customer expectations.

Top Management is committed to protect the environment, to satisfy quality requirements, to ensure zero accidents for employees and visitors and safeguard their health, complying with applicable National, and European legislation and to continuously improve its performance.

During service provision the goal is to select suitable incoming products, materials and services, and to efficiently and effectively utilize them in order to provide services and products according to the applicable legislation.

In order to achieve the above, the Top Management has adopted the framework contained in the abovementioned International Standards and has implemented a documented management system in conformance with these standards. The effective implementation of this system is prime responsibility of the Top Management.

Objective of the company is the promotion of awareness among customers, suppliers, contractors, partners and to urge them to adopt similar policies.

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