The Management of the Hotel informs its guests that in order to ensure the health of both guests and personnel, the hotel is operating under special conditions, and the terms for service provision have been adjusted in order to comply with the Health Protocol defined in the Greek Legislation.

Through e-Check-In guests declare their acceptance of terms of services provision and the agreement to comply with the requirements of the Health Protocol.

Detailed description of these changes in the terms for service provision as well as the obligations for hotel management and guests can be found in the COVID-19 section on the hotel’s website.

In case any guest of the hotel shows any symptoms related to the COVID-19 pandemic (fever, cough, runny nose, difficulty in breathing) they must immediately inform the Front Desk and follow the Health Protocol instructions.

During your stay at the hotel it is mandatory to implement good practices for personal hygiene (frequent washing of hands, use of hand sanitizers, social distancing).

We have taken all the below protective measures for your safety:

• Personnel Training

• Cooperation with local private hospital

• Installation of protective sneeze-guard at the reception desk and the breakfast buffet

• Frequent cleaning and disinfection with approved Ecolab products in all areas of the hotel and at the high contact points

• Contactless transactions (e-check in, Menu through QR Code)

• Availability of dispensers with antiseptic liquid in all the areas of the hotel

• Provision of PPE for all staff / available for customers as well free of charge

• All staff follow Good Personal Hygiene Practices and are being daily checked for body temperature

• Serving breakfast at the buffet by our staff without the customer coming in contact with food and utensils

• Floor markings for maintaining safe distances at the reception, bar and the breakfast

• Provisional measurement of body temperature for customers upon arrival

• Disinfection of rooms using approved Ecolab products and fogging machine

• Installation and operation of plasma ion generators in the fan coils of the air conditioning of rooms and common areas.

• Disinfection of keycards

• Enhanced ventilation of all areas

• Safe distances between furniture in all areas

• Food & Beverage: strict implementation of ISO 22000 (HACCP)

• Maintaining safe distance between customers and personnel

• Enhanced flexibility of the cancellation policy and where possible not charging cancellation fees

• Constant monitoring and follow up of the implementation of all the protective measures –and updating any new requirements in cooperation with the authorities 

per room age: 2–12
per room 0–1